Spa Services & Treatment


Facial Treatments

facial effectively addresses the visible signs of aging – wrinkles, skin slackening and lack of smoothness. As a result, skin feels smoother and firmer with a youthful glow.

Body Massage

Relaxing strokes, deep tissue pressure and revitalizing hot stones are combined with the
nourishing, softening and protecting properties of Shea Butter.

Signature Treatments

A revitalizing and calming full body massage that promotes relaxation while helping to release physical tension and stress. Targeted action on neck, shoulders, back, calves and forearms relieves physical stress.

Body Treatments

Inspired by Lymphatic Drainage massage techniques, this treatment boosts circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins & excess water.

Area Focused Treatments

These may be added on to any treatment for even deeper relaxation and well-being. Relaxing massage specifically targets the neck, back and shoulders to help release tension & stress.

Hand & Foot Treatments

In just 25 minutes, hands are nourished,softened and protected…simply more beautiful.
Ideally combined with any facial or massage treatment.